Hetalia fanfiction russia hurt

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Hetalia fanfiction russia hurt

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Remember Me. America has always have the feeling that there is someone missing from his life. Why does the smell of red roses and the herbal scent of tea always remind him of a home he couldn't remember? As it turns out, he isn't the only one who feels the same. Almost every nation feels a hollow aching feeling in their soul that speaks of loss. But who did they lose?

The four UK brothers may have the answer to their questions and that answer may bring them to an adventure like they'd never had before.

They smile sweetly. Then, they lean into him and whisper, "I'm wearing yours. Can't you tell? Venice looks brilliant, Gilbert thinks, just like their city. Sunlight begins to filter through the gauzy kitchen curtains, cascading them in gold streams. If angels existed, they'd surely look similar to Feliciano, with a false face—round and young, hiding wisdom and ill intent—and surprisingly sharp cheekbones.

They're beautiful, like the marble city of art and glass, and both have so much history buried below. Finally, they spare him a glance, eyes glittering a faint amber, and their previously distracted features curl into a sly smirk. The year isand Feliciano Vargas has known little of the world beyond his small rural village. After losing his vision at ten and losing his parents to the Second World War, Feliciano has learned how to thoroughly conceal his loneliness and insecurities behind a curtain of optimism and naivete.

hetalia fanfiction russia hurt

Ludwig Beilschmidt has known little comfort. Born into a once influential and wealthy family forced to flee a country ravaged by war, He spends his days working to support his brother and father. Intelligent and ambitious, Ludwig aspires to study engineering in the United States and to make a name for himself as well as provide for his family. Veneziano enjoys seeing his brother getting bottomed, hardand his unusual kink cultivates into something darker and more obsessive as he purposefully sets out to guide Romano into sexual situations.

A sort of friends with benefits relationship is created against their better judgement, but through the times spent in the bedroom, beacons of true friendship begin appearing. But there's something about Ludwig that Feliciano had not originally noticed upon their first initial meetings.

He can't put his finger on it, but there's something off about the guy. Something almost sad. This will be updated weekly, for those wondering why there is only one chapter so far. This will be very kinky all of the kinks will be listed in the chapter summary so, if they're not your jam, just skip over them! I've finally joined the dark side of smut writing! In which two notoriously stubborn nations steal away from a political function to negotiate in stalemate. Legend says that the terrible, merciless demons retreated in the wake of The Hunters.

That they have finally realized it was better to leave us be. Now, why don't you sit down and let me tell you the story of the Demon Lord and his Bonded? I promise, it will be far more informative than the legends. Dormez-vous forever, Arthur Kirkland! As the colorful steampunk attired group screeched and threw flowers through the steel gate closing off Downing Street from the public, Arthur failed to consider how their display could affect his still healing brain.

hetalia fanfiction russia hurt

Bustle butts. Bonnefoy Blood Roses. The leader informed him and waved a coffin sign bearing that name.If there was something Russia liked best about Winter--it was getting out of his own lands to travel south for awhile for what he called a vacation--this vacation was actually negotiations works with treaties, or world meetings.

Sometimes it was going with his boss on diplomatic trips, whenever he could get away from the cold he did. Lately, he'd been rather miserable, the cold killing his economy enough that he had a slight cold, a slight fever even--but no one really took notice.

Russia didn't really seem to care about his own well being, and brushed it off. He didn't have time to be sick these days, no nation did. Everyone was surprised that America hadn't been ailing, but with the World Depression excluding him in the s, it wasn't surprising, really, that America didn't get sick. Maybe he was a hero after all? Superperson or something? Ha--as if. This trip was with Japan, as of late, they had been trading partners, and right now was just a renewal and change to their current trade agreement.

The trip to the island-composed nation was a relief. General Winter had been pissed this year, at him of course, and attacked with such ferocity that the largest nation was beyond convinced the wounds he had received from the attack were going to add to the hideous scars that already marked his beaten form.

What a loving father-figure he had, right? His family issues were large, but, considering that Japan and China were siblings, with several other relations all pushed together, the problems that his Asian counterparts had considering families was probably so much larger than his own issues, especially with the sister that would have nothing to do with him, and the one that wanted everything to do with him.

Yet, those thoughts really needed to be pushed aside, at least, that was the opinion of the Russian's bosses, considering the two of them wanted this deal to go through for the good of Russia--if they could expand trading, they could attract the attention of other nations for potential increases or even new trades.

The more they could export to other nations rather than import meant they'd be able to make a larger profit margin and once more become a dominating world power that the bosses desired. Russia had once more fallen out of the large power-play, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, that is.

It'd happened before, and it would happen again. Not that Russia seemed to mind these days, having played the role of the villain for so long in the world's stage. Letting someone else take over this part was almost a relief. No one could ever have his charm, could they? No one had his tact for being the villain, how could they? Ah, but those thoughts were out of Russia's bitter, twisted mind before they could plant themselves and spread more of the thorns that had plagued the sunflowers in Russia's head for centuries.I would like to thank blueflower, LadyPolska, and Color Me Amber for reviewing to my other story and encouraging me to write a sequel.

I did more research and, a meteor has recently hit Russia. My prayers go out to the victims and their families. Russia was not feeling well. This was an understatement. He worse than when be jumped out of the airplane. His head pounded, nose dripped, and throat ached. That is how he got in the situation he was. Lying in bed. At least Belarus wasn't here to take care of him.

He had to smile at the thought of him. Did the Asian man miss him? Russia didn't want him to be lonely. Around this time of day he was usually dressed as a panda, following China. Today, on the other hand, he was cowering in his own bedroom, trying to get rid of his younger sister. Unfortunately, she was not leaving anytime soon. You should be going, da? Appearing puzzled, the mentioned sister was staring at him confused with his request.

I will go get you some soup!

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She hurried out of the room, blonde hair swishing behind her. This was the opportunity Russia was waiting for. While Belarus was ranting on how they should get married, he came up with it. The first chance he got he would write a note to China, he was incredibly menacing with his wok of doom, to come to his home and get rid of Belarus. He would attach it to a polar bear and throw it at China. It wasn't even slightly logical, but it was his only hope. Mentioned writer then selected his favorite and most friendly polar bear, Viktor, and inserted the letter into its mouth.

He knew he had to hurry when heard his sister's footsteps on the steps. He picked up Viktor and hurled him out the window.

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Next, he jumped onto his bed and pulled the covers up to his neck. Lucky for him this happened in the nick of time, because seconds later the door creaked open.

But," Belarus informed her brother in a haughty voice, "I will only give it to you if you agree to marry me. That confirmed it.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Ludwig Beilschmidt y Alfred F. But one day Francis comes back to their old town, finding everyone and everything very much the same as when he left. Gilbert Beilschmidt decided to attend a reunion class. He didn't espect that his live would change so drastically. Early s - Westernization of Russia When Russia visits France to learn from his culture, Prussia gets a little jealous. When he goes to visit the two and feels like an outcast, jealousy gets the better of him and insecurity sets in.

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Turns out, a little communication is all he needs to keep his irrationality at bay. Isolated in a monastery ever since he was a young boy, Gilbert Beilschmidt, now an adult and priest-in-training, finds himself making a deal with an incubus named Ivan as his faith dwindles and he questions the religion he's a part of. As they grow more fond of each other through sex and conversation, they discover a dark secret within the walls of the monastery that threatens Gilbert's wellbeing and perhaps his very life.

Prussia gets fed up with Russia's muttering, tapping, and shuffling he can hear through the walls. He finally decides to confront Ivan over this. The Hetalia characters in a universe of superpowers like that of Marvel or DC. Two massive organizations, one led by the new but very powerful leader Matthew Williams and the other led by the notorious Ivan Braginski, are forced to come together in the face of a massive threat created by nuclear fallout.

APH Fanfiction Story- Red and White [Kolkol Eh?]

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Get an Invitation.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Most nights he had to cook for a small army because of this. There were certain ways that he dealt with America and Russia. Seulement, Alfred a une faiblesse. Francis Bonnefoy has been waiting for this kind of career boosting opportunity his whole life, but it won't be easy infiltrating the criminal underground faction run by Arthur Kirkland.

Doesn't mean he won't try though. Alfred hadn't spoken to Ivan in decades, not since he was turned, but once a threat returns he has to finally face his past and try to amend it. Alfred's seemingly perfect world changes when he's thrust into a survival game with 11 other contenders, each competing for the title of god. To make matters worse, the new kid is a complete psycho who claims to be madly in love with him, and is ironically his best chance for survival.

Mirai Nikki! Arthur Kirkland is a book-loving introvert who has an easier time engaging in casual sex than lowering his guard long enough to let anyone in his heart. So when Arthur starts to develop feelings for Alfred Jones, it's only natural for Arthur to proposition the alpha. But Alfred, who's a hopeless romantic to a fault, would rather remain just friends until the omega is ready to be in a serious relationship.

Arthur has to overcome his insecurities and his fear of intimacy so he can allow himself to fall in love and be loved in return. Prompt request from tumblr. Takes place during the Yalta Conference and Alfred can't help but think about how good Ivan looks in his uniform. A thing I found in my documents inspired by a comic that I don't remember.

For the twisted minded. As per usual, Amelia is alone.

New York City plays its appropriate background track of sirens and traffic to accompany her loneliness. She expects no one but the usual visitors, her memories and daydreams.It was a long meeting for the Allied Forces. They had been in debate for almost an hour. They weren't even talking about how to defeat the Axis, anymore. They had begun to argue amongst themselves. China slumped back into his seat and glanced over at Russia, who, not surprisingly, was smiling.

China looked away. He was creepy. Russia suddenly stood up. Britain and France stopped pulling each other's collars and looked at him.

hetalia fanfiction russia hurt

America was silent for once. Russia continued to smile and just turned and walked out. He forgot what they were arguing about, anyway. Later, Britain had to clean up after the messy 'allies' had left.

They may have signed treaties and were fighting on the same side, but lately it seemed like there were a spy among them. Someone wasn't who they say they were. Britain's thoughts were interrupted by a deep, dark feeling of depressing matter. He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up and a shiver went down his spine.

It was coming from the meeting room. He dared a glance inside and he said they were the spies? Britain quickly ducked out of sight outside the meeting room, close to the open door.He wasn't sure why he asked, really. Russia always refused to see a doctor, no matter how sick he was. It might have been out of pride or stubbornness, or his deep-rooted need for privacy and secrecy, but at the end his reasons didn't really matter.

Sure enough, the larger country shook his head. The fever had made his violet eyes seem even brighter than normal. I'll be fine as long as my Lithuania is taking such good care of me. Lithuania bent to pick up a spare blanket up off the floor to hide the color that suddenly spread across his face. Whatever Russia was going to answer was interrupted by a violent coughing fit that shook his entire body.

Lithuania was by his side in an instant, pulling him up to a sitting position and wrapping an arm securely around the other man's shoulders until the fit passed.

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There, you'll be fine. You'll be just fine. The worse of it soon passed and Russia was breathing a little easier, but the rattling sound he made with every breath was concerning. And the fits were getting worse and more frequent There wasn't much he could do, even if was something serious. It wasn't that he afraid that Russia would die from this.

It took something much bigger to kill a nation.

They recovered from injuries that killed humans, survived diseases that made men drop like flies. It was as though their bodies wouldn't allow them to die from something so small and personal. The things that could kill them would shake the world and impact millions of lives.

hetalia fanfiction russia hurt

A plague could kill a nation, and if half the country was sick with whatever Russia had then maybe the country's life would be at risk. But this?

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Russia would survive it just like he survived everything else, Lithuania had no doubt of that.


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